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Is It Time for a New Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy?

The fact that we've been in an extended bear market has gotten me to the point where I've come to accept that the market that we thought we were participating in isn't exactly what we may have thought it was.  More specifically, the way it appears the market moves isn't clearly natural as a free market would or if based on broader user adoption.

As market participants, I get the sense that we want to believe that bitcoin and, to a lesser degree, altcoins move by pure market dynamics fueled by more people making more trades.  I considered the number of accounts that existed on the exchanges and I was able to hold onto the belief of a natural market that could be charted.  But it seems that we're seeing too much evidence of market manipulation for me to believe in simple market dynamics and pure TA.

At the same time, I'm not a fan of conspiracy theory nor FUD as a basis for trading.  Yes, there is a popular phrase in investing and trading of "Buy the rumor a…