Is It Time for a New Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy?

The fact that we've been in an extended bear market has gotten me to the point where I've come to accept that the market that we thought we were participating in isn't exactly what we may have thought it was.  More specifically, the way it appears the market moves isn't clearly natural as a free market would or if based on broader user adoption.

As market participants, I get the sense that we want to believe that bitcoin and, to a lesser degree, altcoins move by pure market dynamics fueled by more people making more trades.  I considered the number of accounts that existed on the exchanges and I was able to hold onto the belief of a natural market that could be charted.  But it seems that we're seeing too much evidence of market manipulation for me to believe in simple market dynamics and pure TA.

At the same time, I'm not a fan of conspiracy theory nor FUD as a basis for trading.  Yes, there is a popular phrase in investing and trading of "Buy the rumor a…

So What is Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain? The Best Explanation for the Average Person.

Once you get past the opening comments, this becomes one of the best explainations of money, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

How the Whales My be Playing this Year's BTC Correction

Yesterday (3/07/18) was certainly an interesting and news-filled day in the cryptocurrency world.  Several news items, from an exchange hack spook, announcements from the regulatory world and even the antics of a bitcoin whale, all did their part to spook the market and drive it downward.

In this post we'll look a little closer at the news of the bitcoin whale that had sold some pretty large holdings of BTC.  The reality of this news is that this particular whale had been selling large amounts of BTC going back to December.  But it was the release of the news about this whale that seemed to have the most effect.  Less so the actual selling.  Just goes to show how reactive this market can really be.

Looking at the history of this whale is actually pretty interesting and you can read the full account here.

Corrections are Normal and the Whales Playground

As an advocate of cryptocurrency, I'd like to believe that it's a global movement that can empower the average person to pa…

Crypto in 45 (Episode 4) on 2/25/18

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This week we covered a number of news item from around the crypto space.

Wyoming House Unanimously Passes Bill Exempting Utility Tokens from Securities LawsPoland’s Central Bank Admits to Sponsoring a Smear Campaign on CryptocurrenciesBANK OF AMERICA ADMITS BITCOIN IS A THREAT IN SEC REPORTBank Of America: Our ‘Inability To Adapt’ Could See A Failure To Compete With CryptoWhat Is Vechain (VEN) and Where You Can Buy It

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Crypto in 45 on MDD Episode 3

Crypto in 45 (Episode 3) on 2/18/18
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In this episode we covered several news items from around the crypto-universe.  Below are the links to some of the bigger items we discussed in this episode.

Anonymous trader buys 400 million in bitcoin - MarketWatch

Swiss Financial Authority Releases ICO-Specific Regulatory Guidelines

Why Commodity Coins Are Gaining Popularity

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Intro to Cryptocurrency Value Investing

2017 was a year of exuberant investing in cryptocurrencies.  In many cases, investing and trading was driven by hype and FOMO.  So far in 2018 hype and FOMO are probably still large influences in why someone would invest in or trade any specific altcoin.  In fact, outside of classic swing trading or just trading an altcoin on the charts, I suspect that most would not really be able to tell you why they're mid or long term investors in any specific token.

They watched a Youtube video or saw a Twitter post about it and felt then needed to get in on it.  There's really nothing wrong with discovering a good crypto project that way, but to become an investor (not a trader) it takes a deeper understanding of any specific project.

But 2018 will hopefully see more investors looking at the longer term value of specific crypto project and evaluate them on the utility and application of the project behind the token.  This is becoming a Value Investor.

Value investing is looking at the cr…

Crypto Projects to Watch 2/18

This post features three crypto-projects that are on my watch list for 2018.  While I'll probably always be a swing trader and trade tokens based on short and mid-term chart analysis, tokens that are a bit of a longer term trade or HODLs are based on Value Trading.

There are many features a crypto project needed to have for me to put it on my watch list in 2018.  First and foremost, there needed to be an actual utility and purpose for the token.  An identified and defined problem or challenge that the project was trying to solve and a clear path to achieve the solution.  I'm not going to say all, or any, of these projects will be the ultimate solution, but I'll also say that we've so early in the exploration of what can be accomplished on the blockchain, I would be foolish to do so.  But I will acknowledge and support the projects that are making the effort to try.

Vertcoin (VTC)

Vertcoin is showing to be an active project that's working on their marketing and part…