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Crypto in 45 on MDD Episode 3

Crypto in 45 (Episode 3) on 2/18/18
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In this episode we covered several news items from around the crypto-universe.  Below are the links to some of the bigger items we discussed in this episode.

Anonymous trader buys 400 million in bitcoin - MarketWatch

Swiss Financial Authority Releases ICO-Specific Regulatory Guidelines

Why Commodity Coins Are Gaining Popularity

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Intro to Cryptocurrency Value Investing

2017 was a year of exuberant investing in cryptocurrencies.  In many cases, investing and trading was driven by hype and FOMO.  So far in 2018 hype and FOMO are probably still large influences in why someone would invest in or trade any specific altcoin.  In fact, outside of classic swing trading or just trading an altcoin on the charts, I suspect that most would not really be able to tell you why they're mid or long term investors in any specific token.

They watched a Youtube video or saw a Twitter post about it and felt then needed to get in on it.  There's really nothing wrong with discovering a good crypto project that way, but to become an investor (not a trader) it takes a deeper understanding of any specific project.

But 2018 will hopefully see more investors looking at the longer term value of specific crypto project and evaluate them on the utility and application of the project behind the token.  This is becoming a Value Investor.

Value investing is looking at the cr…

Crypto Projects to Watch 2/18

This post features three crypto-projects that are on my watch list for 2018.  While I'll probably always be a swing trader and trade tokens based on short and mid-term chart analysis, tokens that are a bit of a longer term trade or HODLs are based on Value Trading.

There are many features a crypto project needed to have for me to put it on my watch list in 2018.  First and foremost, there needed to be an actual utility and purpose for the token.  An identified and defined problem or challenge that the project was trying to solve and a clear path to achieve the solution.  I'm not going to say all, or any, of these projects will be the ultimate solution, but I'll also say that we've so early in the exploration of what can be accomplished on the blockchain, I would be foolish to do so.  But I will acknowledge and support the projects that are making the effort to try.

Vertcoin (VTC)

Vertcoin is showing to be an active project that's working on their marketing and part…

CrytpZone Token Watch - Power Ledger (POWR)

Some I'm connected with may have heard me mention Power Ledger (POWR) in the past and the story I tell.  If you have not, then let's get started

Ive had an interest in renewable energy for most of my life, I'd say going back to the late 70's or early 80's.  Today, I even work do some work for a nonprofit in the energy efficiency space.  So when I say blockchain technology getting applied to renewable energy and energy distribution, it was certainly of interest to me.  Over the summer of 2017, I began hearing about this project and their ICO.  I lost track of the project for a bit and missed out on the ICO, but began investing and trading POWR the day it got listed on one of the exchanges I use for crypto trading.

So what is Power Ledger?

You can find a broad overview of Power Ledger here, but in general:

Power Ledger is the world leading peer-to-peer marketplace for renewable energy. Using blockchain technology, the platform provides a transparent, audit-able and a…

CrytoZone Token Watch - Vertcoin (VTC)

I've been watching (and trading) Vertcoin (VTC) since last fall and it's a project that has all the potential of a project that keeps it on my watch list for 2018.

Vertcoin claims to be the people's coin and is designed to support decentralized mining. It has grown greatly over the past few months, but can it keep it up?

For 2018, there were a few features a token needed to have to put it on my watch list.  One of those was that it be an ASIC resistant token.

By keeping a token mine-able for GPU mining set-ups means, in theory, that it can grow and  maintain a healthy and distributed mining community.  Unlike the heavily centralized mining of ASIC tokens like bitcoin that's dominated by a few larger players with deep pockets needed to build massive mining farms.

You can read about some of these basic features of VTC here.

Another feature that a token needed to have to put it on my watch list was an active project outreach team working on growing/marketing the utility be…

CryptoZone Token Watch - BAT (Basic Attention Token) and the Brave Browser

The cryptocurrency revolution has its foundations in the idea that the rights and liberties of the individual is greater than the profits of business.
For those that got involved in cryptocurrencies early on, they're likely to be very aware that this

whole thing began with a question and a quest, can money and an economy function without the banks and middlemen that control the game and without fiat currencies and the governments that manipulate it?  Enter bitcoin and a host of other tokens.
But, in today's connected and digital world, there are other institutions that exist that aren't banks and governments but still exert a great deal of control over the individual.  Perhaps more control than most people realize.  Institutions like Google and Facebook.  Enter Basic Attention Token (BAT) and their Brave browser.
As the owner of a digital marketing agency, it may seem very odd that I would be a proponent and advocate for a project that's intended to disrupt the very i…

Crypto in 45 Livestream for 2/04

Each week over in our private Facebook group called Million Dollar Destiny Worldwide, I join other group admins to do a wrap-up of the weekly news and topics in cryptocurrency.  We also open the floor to an open Q&A where anything goes for group members
If you want to join in on or weekly livestreams or participate in a very supporting closed group of cryptocurrency investors/traders from around the world, join us over at MDD Worldwide.

I've been very fortunate to make some great connections from withing the cryptocurrency community over the years and plan to begin bringing in some of the people I've met as guest panelists from various aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain.  From ICO advisors, blockchain and token operators to altcoin experts.

Gotta Love those Winklevoss Guys

Lack of imagination indeed.  I've always thought that it took a special sort of person to be able to see the vision of cryptocurrencies, a world removed from fiat currencies and a decentralized economy.

So yes, I suspect that many of the doubters out there are comparing apples to oranges when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

This whole thing started with a question.  Can we do this without the institutions and their middle-men?  Could the blockchain make governments and their manipulation unnecessary?  Could the average person participate in a global economy the same what an "accredited" investor or the 1%?

Yes, there is a lot of expert opinions out there that are based on a lack of vision and a imagination.

Sadly, it was imagination and the ability to ask questions that lead to many great things and this is no different.

They may have lost out on the whole Facebook thing, but they're in the right place for something much more valuable and important.

Winklevoss Twins Say…

We're Moving CryptoZone.TV to This Blog

We've been running CryptoZone.TV over on our video based website for a number of months now and, although that format has been a good fit, we realized that since it did not include a blog, it did not allow us to go into crypto topics with much depth outside or our YouTube videos or to add additional content or updates on topics after the video was created.

For that reason, we're in the process of moving over to this blog as the new home.

What will you find on the new CryptoZone blog site?  The same video content that we shared over on our video website. But, with the addition of relevant news articles and updates from around the cryptosphere as well as more in-depth analysis on news items, favorite cryptocurrencies, trading and charting.