Crypto Projects to Watch 2/18

This post features three crypto-projects that are on my watch list for 2018.  While I'll probably always be a swing trader and trade tokens based on short and mid-term chart analysis, tokens that are a bit of a longer term trade or HODLs are based on Value Trading.

There are many features a crypto project needed to have for me to put it on my watch list in 2018.  First and foremost, there needed to be an actual utility and purpose for the token.  An identified and defined problem or challenge that the project was trying to solve and a clear path to achieve the solution.  I'm not going to say all, or any, of these projects will be the ultimate solution, but I'll also say that we've so early in the exploration of what can be accomplished on the blockchain, I would be foolish to do so.  But I will acknowledge and support the projects that are making the effort to try.

Vertcoin (VTC)

Vertcoin is showing to be an active project that's working on their marketing and partner building to make the project and utility of the token more valuable.  You can read some of my reasons for putting VTC on my watch list here.

Power Ledger (POWR)

Power Ledger caught my eye over the late summer of 2017.  Renewables and energy distribution has been an area of interest to me for several years.  Applying blockchain technology to democratize a basic need like energy is a project of interest in my book.  Although I did not participate in the ICO, I did become an active trader/investor the day it got listed on the exchange I trade on.

The team behind the project, here again, is active in their marketing and efforts to build partnerships.  You can read more about why I have POWR on my watch list for 2018 here.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) / Brave

I did a longer write-up on BAT because I've been in the digital maketing and advertising industry for several years and it was a project that certainly resonated with me.

It's an ambitions project but it's also a project that has a great deal of potential to disrupt a very large industry plagued with inefficiencies and an increasing awareness, by consumers, of the need to protect their privacy online and an increasing distrust of the businesses they thought was protecting that data.  You can read my overview of BAT/Brave here.


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