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So What is Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain? The Best Explanation for the Average Person.

Once you get past the opening comments, this becomes one of the best explainations of money, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

How the Whales My be Playing this Year's BTC Correction

Yesterday (3/07/18) was certainly an interesting and news-filled day in the cryptocurrency world.  Several news items, from an exchange hack spook, announcements from the regulatory world and even the antics of a bitcoin whale, all did their part to spook the market and drive it downward.

In this post we'll look a little closer at the news of the bitcoin whale that had sold some pretty large holdings of BTC.  The reality of this news is that this particular whale had been selling large amounts of BTC going back to December.  But it was the release of the news about this whale that seemed to have the most effect.  Less so the actual selling.  Just goes to show how reactive this market can really be.

Looking at the history of this whale is actually pretty interesting and you can read the full account here.

Corrections are Normal and the Whales Playground

As an advocate of cryptocurrency, I'd like to believe that it's a global movement that can empower the average person to pa…

Crypto in 45 (Episode 4) on 2/25/18

Welcome to Crypto in 45.  This is episode 3 of the weekly Facebook livestream we do at

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This week we covered a number of news item from around the crypto space.

Wyoming House Unanimously Passes Bill Exempting Utility Tokens from Securities LawsPoland’s Central Bank Admits to Sponsoring a Smear Campaign on CryptocurrenciesBANK OF AMERICA ADMITS BITCOIN IS A THREAT IN SEC REPORTBank Of America: Our ‘Inability To Adapt’ Could See A Failure To Compete With CryptoWhat Is Vechain (VEN) and Where You Can Buy It

**Special Note:  Video is mislabeled